Listen to Wildlife with Jaw-Dropping Detail

Experience nature like never before… from right inside your home! Listen to the songs of birds in your backyard and rare habitats around the world with unprecedented accuracy – while protecting wildlife on a global scale.


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How Terra works

Help preserve the environment – right from your backyard

Not only can you enjoy the authentic sounds of nature and wildlife, but your Terra device helps contribute to protecting biodiversity.

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Terra will provide a new avenue into research and our understanding of bird migration.

– Trish Miller, Director, Conservation Science Global

Appreciate The Sound of Nature

Using the Terra app, you can connect your bluetooth devices and listen to your backyard and stunning habitats around the world – all in real time.

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Discover Rare Wildlife

Once Terra identifies bird and animal calls, you can follow along in the app and learn more about each species – even if you’re not actively listening yourself.

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Explore the world while saving it…

No exaggeration – you can even go beyond your backyard and tune into rare, exotic habitats around the world in real time. Everything from rainforests, waterfalls, oceans, savannahs and so much more! By collecting bird/animal sounds, Terra is able to assist researchers with movements and migration patterns – allowing scientists to better preserve habitats and save wildlife.

Monitor your own yard’s health

Whether your garden needs to be watered… or you simply want to prevent flooding in certain parts of your property… Terra can help track your yard’s condition and relay it back to you. On top of that, it’s even more data that helps contribute to the Terra network for preserving habitats and wildlife.

Immerse yourself with nature like never before

Terra helps strengthen the “human-to-nature” relationship we so desperately need – without causing further damage from technology. Cultivate a wonderful, harmonious connection with the environment, in your own backyard.