Stream & Identify your visiting backyard birds

Terra is a listening device that you place in your back yard. It captures bird sounds close up and streams them with crystal clarity via your wifi and phone to any connected speaker or headphone

You’ll feel immersed in natural birdsong while the Terra app automatically identifies your visiting birds and invites you to learn more about them


Play the video to see how the Terra device & the app work together

Turn your sound on!

Enjoy nature sounds and backyard birding

The app will identify birds by sound in real time

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Invite the outdoors inside

Bird Conservation via backyard birding

Help protect biodiversity on a global scale

Your Terra device will automatically and anonymously send bird data to a massive new conservation database - to assist researchers understand populations and migration patterns, and allowing scientists to better preserve habitats and save wildlife. More...

“Terra will provide a new avenue into research and our understanding of bird migration”

Trish Miller, Director, Conservation Science Global

In the past 50 years, there has been a 30% drop in bird populations in the United States. Biodiversity is critical to a healthy planet, and the more birds we lose, the more we imperil not just wildlife but our own well-being. Terra is part of the solution to that alarming trend.

Terra will help identify important stopover and breeding grounds, as well as track migration and bird populations in a much more precise way than is currently possible. That gives scientists the opportunity to take direct and immediate action when a change is detected. By simply listening to our earth, we’ll be helping to conserve it.

Why is terra is the best bird app & bird tracker ?

Bird sounds, bird identification & conservation all-in-one

Livestream Birdsong

  • from stunning habitats around the world from our free curated locations
  • and with a terra device, from your backyard, regardless of outdoor conditions

Discover Rare Wildlife

Once Terra identifies bird and animal calls, you can follow along in the app and learn more about each species – even if you’re not actively listening yourself

Relaxation, Entertainment and Education for the whole family

Terra is an educational product. You’ll learn to confidently identify the birds around you. Terra identifies birds accurately by their calls, and provides bird photos and birdsong examples to help you learn all about the birds either in your own backyard or in the other exotic locations provided in the app for free!

Sleep / Wake - Coming Soon

  • Set a pre-alarm to wake up gently to the dawn chorus
  • Set a sleep timer to fall asleep to relaxing nature sounds

New app releases continuously

New functions are being added to the app continuously. If you have ideas, please send them to us on the feedback page

about the terra technology

Weatherproof and crammed with tech

Each Terra device is weatherproof and contains two microphones, a radio receiver, Bluetooth and WiFi, and connects to your home wifi via the Terra app. Terra can be mounted in a yard, garden, exterior wall, deck or roof, and is powered via its included low-voltage outdoor power cable. The Terra App will not only identify bird and wildlife species by sound, but will also allow you to learn about the wildlife both around your home and worldwide.

its easy to enjoy backyard birding with Terra

How to set up your terra device

Position Terra

Place the Terra device in your backyard: at ground level or on a wall or roof


Plug in your Terra

to either an outdoor or indoor plug

Connect your Terra

Open the app, connect your Terra via bluetooth to your phone


Select ‘My Backyard’ in the app

& select your preferred speakers in the sound control

Hear beautiful birdsong

& see your visiting birds identified* in the app

*Please note: The bird identification feature currently works in North America, Central America, and Europe only. Future updates will expand our identification coverage.


Clear instructions & support

More at the Connect your Terra, FAQ and Support Pages

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stream birdsong from terra curated locations

Try out the Terra app!

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Enjoy bird sounds from around the world from our curated locations


In which countries does the Terra device work?

The device works in all countries with unfettered internet connections - you can listen to your backyard birds and stream birdsong from other locations using the app. Note that the bird identification functionality is only currently available in North and Central America plus Europe.

How close does the Terra device need to be, to pick up the wifi connection?

It depends on the strength of your wifi setup. If your other devices like phone or tablet will connect at the distance, then your Terra Listen device will also connect. In addition, Terra has a larger antennae than those devices do, so it should have a longer range.

Do I need to buy a Terra device to try out the app?

No, you can use the app completely standalone! Just download the app and you’ll be streaming birdsong from any of our 4 free curated locations in no time. The terra device is needed if you want to listed and identify your backyard or garden birds.

I have some good ideas or feedback, how can I reach you?

I have some ideas for product features, how can I reach you? please submit them or your feedback on the feedback page

More FAQ’s

Terra yard sensors

Monitor your yard or garden

Terra will connect to optional sensors that track soil conditions, moisture levels, and weather around the home. Take control whether you’re home or not.

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