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Immerse yourself in nature – while saving & protecting wildlife

Terra allows you to listen live to the bird, animal and natural sounds around you with crystal-clear detail. Terra teaches you by automatically identifying those sounds, and giving you in-depth information about birds and animals in the Terra app. Whether it's your backyard or specially curated wild places around the globe, you’ll get a rare opportunity to enjoy nature right from the comfort of your home – while contributing to conservation and research on a global scale.

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1,352 backers pledged over $300,000 to help bring this project to life

Our goal is to connect people to nature while creating a new conservation tool to help preserve wildlife on a global scale.

with Terra

Listen to your yard

Appreciate the “seeps and chirps” of wildlife right outside your home, even with the windows closed.

Detect bird & animal species

Never miss a chance to identify new birds and animals in your yard (or overhead).

Collect insights on your yard

Monitor weather, soil moisture, and flooding – helping you make important decisions for your yard.

Track already-tagged birds

Get a glimpse of what researchers see from radio-tagged birds that pass by.

Discover new wildlife

Use the Terra app to learn about birds, wildlife and biodiversity in your yard or across the globe.

Hear from around the world

Connect to curated wildlife sounds from Terras around the globe – all in real-time.

Educate in real-time

Teach yourself + your kids about the environment and cultivate a lifelong appreciation of nature.

How Terra works


Order your Terra device and place it anywhere outside – deck, garden, lawn, or roof. Installation is easy, uncomplicated and hassle-free


Listen to the birds in your yard, in exotic habitats around the globe, and anything in-between while automatically and anonymously contributing to an important new conservation database that helps preserve wildlife


Engage within the Terra app – allowing you to listen to and learn about your backyard’s wildlife, discover wild habitats around the world, and track and manage your yard’s condition

Who We are

Terra was founded by Mike Lanzone, Scott Whittle and Casey Halverson, professional birders and naturalists who love using technology to help people understand nature and to help conservationists preserve wildlife.

Meet the team

“Terra is key to help scientists conserve biodiversity at local, regional and global scales.”

– Trish Miller, Director, Conservation Science Global