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Welcome to Terra Project History, where you can learn about the origins and evolution of our innovative environmental technology. Terra Project was founded in 2015 with a mission to help people better understand and connect with nature. Our team of passionate environmentalists, biologists, and engineers came together to create a solution that would allow people to listen to the sounds of nature in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Our first prototype was a bird listening device that streamed bird songs to a website, allowing users to identify the species and location of the birds they were hearing. This simple yet powerful idea quickly gained traction, and we knew we were on to something special. Over the years, we have continued to refine our technology and expand our capabilities. We now offer a range of environmental monitoring solutions, including soundscapes, hydrophones, and wildlife cameras. Our technology is used by researchers, educators, and conservationists around the world, helping to improve our understanding of the natural world and protect our planet's biodiversity. In 2018, we launched our Terra Listens app, which allows anyone with a smartphone to tune in to the sounds of nature in real-time, no matter where they are. With over 150 soundscapes from around the world, the app has quickly become a favorite of nature lovers everywhere. At Terra Project, we believe that technology can be a powerful tool for environmental conservation. By giving people the ability to listen to and connect with nature, we hope to inspire a new generation of environmentalists and help protect our planet for generations to come. Thank you for visiting Terra Project History. To learn more about our technology and mission, please visit

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