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Research & Conservation

The Terra device, designed to complement the Terra app, offers an exciting breakthrough in backyard bird monitoring.

Each Terra device operates by anonymously sharing the sounds, tracking signals, and environmental data it captures with a central cloud-based server. This invaluable information is then compiled and analyzed to identify bird species, track population numbers, and gather essential insights.

For the first time, researchers will have the unprecedented ability to monitor entire bird populations, eliminating the need for individual tagging or banding. This advancement allows for a more comprehensive understanding of migration patterns, habitats, stopover points, and the effects of specific events on bird populations.

The immediacy and precision of data collected by Terra surpasses anything previously achievable.Moreover, by cross-referencing the Terra data with other databases such as climate records, habitat studies, and insect population data, a new dimension is added to our understanding of bird behavior.

Real-time tracking of bird populations and movements enables government and environmental agencies to respond promptly and accurately to positive or negative changes. The immense scale of data generated by Terra, estimated at approximately 30 million hours of recording in its inaugural year alone, has the potential to foster the largest community science project ever undertaken.

While technology has often been associated with distancing us from nature, Terra harnesses its power to bring the wonders of wildlife and nature sounds directly into our homes.

By connecting people to the natural world on a personal level, Terra facilitates a profound reconnection with nature. Through this connection, the Terra Project aims to raise environmental consciousness, inspire stewardship, and foster community action.

With Terra, we can now embark on a transformative journey where cutting-edge technology merges seamlessly with our innate curiosity about the natural world. By listening to the backyard symphony of bird calls and participating in this groundbreaking initiative, individuals become active participants in the conservation of our shared environment.

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