Terra Tuesday: Windscreen

Quick Facts

It's time for another Terra Tuesday update!

This past week, the custom sewn windscreen assembly has arrived. This is the final sample of the windscreen, which on approval, will kick off it's mass production. This will be one of the several techniques used to reduce unwanted wind noise when listening to Terra.

 This material will go under the grid end of the Terra, as you see in this close up picture. Note, that as I mentioned last update, that weird gap next to the grate will go away in the next case revision. They are making tweaks to the die currently.

Overall, we found the fit to be perfect. We are now testing the wind reduction properties to see if we need to make any last second adjustments. None are expected though.

Noise Cuprit 

We have narrowed down the noise to something a bit unexpected: an impedance mismatch of the WiFi antenna. We are adjusting this antenna's properties to reduce the impulse noise we were seeing in some instances. I am spending this week to test this, and if all goes well, we will order the new version of the printed circuit board.

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Terra Tuesday: Windscreens ahoy!

Terra Tuesday: Windscreens ahoy!

We've been working on getting together all the parts and accessories for shipping, and it's all coming together. Two big rolls of material are going to a sewing contractor to make 4000 windscreens (!) that will go into each end of the devices. We also are expecting a small but very heavy shipment of magnets, which will connect the Terra to it's support without compromising the integrity of the housing. Last but not least, the final enclosures are being worked up, and we can't wait to put it all together!
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Terra Tuesday: Motus tags to the cloud!

Casey again with Tuesday's update! We are a bit delayed getting this out due to a Kickstarter technical issue regarding update posting. Above is the 434MHz helix antenna that we are using to receive Motus tags on the Terra. This is the standard antenna that will ship which each unit, unless you requested one with an external antenna. This antenna, while looking small, is actually quite powerful. Our range tests show a 500 meter radius within a neighborhood with some trees and houses. This means that Terra can pick up tags from all of your neighbor's bird feeders, including your own, depending on your specific environment!  As a stress test, we are running this receiver at CTT headquarters. There are...

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