Terra Boxes & Special Editions!

Quick Facts

All about the new Terra boxes, special editions, the demo apps in the app stores, and a new web-app which is in design now!

This is a CAD image of the Terra boxes which are bring printed now in preparation for the first 100 Terra units being shipped out!

As you can see, there has been quite some thought and preparation put into the internal die cut which safely holds the Terra equipment. 

These first 100 are in a Special Edition Teal on a kraft box, which has been chosen for it's eco-friendliness.

Shipments are going out in the order of earliest orders made of course, so our early supporters will receive the Teal boxes.

For future boxes we have a surprise Pantone colour on the outside! - and once the first 100 have gone out, manufacturing and shipping is stepping up to several hundred units per week. 


The Terra Demo Apps in app stores now

Both apps have been out for some time and demonstrate the functionality

You can download the apps here:

Android app -

Ios (Apple) app -

For the product send outs we're also launching a new app which helps you get your Terra connected to your wifi and listen to your sound stream. The demo app functionalities will then be quickly brought over into the connection app, and built upon. 


Terra Accessories

Soil & Weather sensors and extra-range antenna add-ons can be found in the Terra shop


In-browser Web App Coming 

We're also in the process of designing a web app, so that you can log into your account from any browser and listen to your stream, see the birds being identified in your yard, and also to provide much more sophisticated migratory graphs and bird tracking features - which would not be ideal in a small smart phone screen size - so that's why we want to provide that experience for larger screens where you can really appreciate the animations of bird migrations and all the other functionalities which will be possible!


Let us know what you want!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for your ideal web app features, you can do that via the contact page on the website - just choose 'Suggestions or Feedback' on the dropdown on the contact page. 


This post has been brought to you by Rachael Page - Digital Product Designer for Terra

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stream birdsong from terra curated locations

Try out the Terra app!

..or receive a link to the app by email

Enjoy bird sounds from around the world from our curated locations


Stream & identify the birds in your own backyard

Add a Terra device to your yard or garden to create your own listening location in the app

You can also help researchers with conservation efforts 

Orders sent late 2023 ship spring 2024 

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Terra yard sensors

Monitor your yard or garden

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