Butterflies, bats and more!

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Check out our new bat tags, plus the first batch of Terras is coming together!

We wrote earlier that CTT has developed a butterfly tag that will help us track migration of monarch butterflies in North America - and that Terra will pick them up. In the spirit of being inclusive, Terra will also pick up our bat tags! So if a tagged bat or butterfly passes by, Terra will let you know, and will let us know, too. This means your Terra—and you!—will contribute conservation data to an ever-increasing diversity of organisms.  The network we are creating together is going to be so rewarding to watch, and there will be more and more types of detections we'll add as we go!

We've been very busy getting ready to build the first twenty Terras here. . . the enclosures are here and ready, and we’re just waiting for the PCB and internal components which should show up in the next week. By going through assembly and testing of these first units we’ll be developing a protocol to help us build all the Terras going forward. 

By having a group of Terras we can also test more accurately for any flaws, issues, or bugs in the system, and that means we’ll be able to ship a reliable product.

It’s been a steady, step-by-step process for Terra, but we’re seeing those last steps coming up to bringTerra into the world!  All this hard work is going to finally produce something real, and we can't thank you all enough for helping us make that happen.

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The first Terra!

The first Terra!

It's been almost 3 years since Terra began, and we've finally produced one.  We got our first 20 Terra PCB boards for testing, as well as all the parts we needed.  We ran them all through our giant easy bake oven, and out came a complete Terra. Next step is to test the board and then run 20 more, which will go into the 20 enclosures we received.  Those all get tested for a couple of weeks, and then we start making Terras.  Here's Mike with the finished board... And Scott thinking of all the birds we'll identify! Needless to say we're thrilled to be at this point, and it means we're getting very close to fulfilling your orders as...
Terra Tuesday: Windscreens ahoy!

Terra Tuesday: Windscreens ahoy!

We've been working on getting together all the parts and accessories for shipping, and it's all coming together. Two big rolls of material are going to a sewing contractor to make 4000 windscreens (!) that will go into each end of the devices. We also are expecting a small but very heavy shipment of magnets, which will connect the Terra to it's support without compromising the integrity of the housing. Last but not least, the final enclosures are being worked up, and we can't wait to put it all together!

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You can also help researchers with conservation efforts 

Orders sent late 2023 ship spring 2024 

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Terra yard sensors

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Terra will connect to optional sensors that track soil conditions, moisture levels, and weather around the home. Take control whether you’re home or not.

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