Soil Sensor
Soil Sensor

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Soil Sensor

The next best garden tool to a shovel, the Soil Sensor is a compact device that you can insert anywhere in your garden or yard.  It will continuously update your Terra with the soil temperature, moisture level and amount of light received.  Wonder if a spot is too sunny or shady for that plant?  Not sure if you need to water today?  Or maybe if the soil is warm enough to start planting in the spring?  Use them wherever you want your plants to thrive, and watch your thumbs turn green!

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Stream & identify the birds in your own backyard

Add a Terra device to your yard or garden to create your own listening location in the app

You can also help researchers with conservation efforts 

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Terra yard sensors

Monitor your yard or garden

Terra will connect to optional sensors that track soil conditions, moisture levels, and weather around the home. Take control whether you’re home or not.

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