Terra Mounting Stake Extension
Terra Mounting Stake Extension

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Terra Mounting Stake Extension

If you need additional height for your Terra, this will add 10 inches to the stake that comes with your device.  Includes tube and connector plug.  NOTE:  It is possible to use multiple extensions for your Terra, but please consider the stability of the device when using more than one.

stream birdsong from terra curated locations

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Enjoy bird sounds from around the world from our curated locations


Stream & identify the birds in your own backyard

Add a Terra device to your yard or garden to create your own listening location in the app

You can also help researchers with conservation efforts 

Orders sent late 2023 ship spring 2024 

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Terra yard sensors

Monitor your yard or garden

Terra will connect to optional sensors that track soil conditions, moisture levels, and weather around the home. Take control whether you’re home or not.

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