Water Level Sensor
Water Level Sensor

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Water Level Sensor


If you have a pond or lake, you know how important it is to keep track of water levels and temperatures.  Cleverly disguised as a rock, the Water Level Sensor will continuously monitor both and let you know if your pond is the right temperature for frogs or if the lake is flooding.  Connects wirelessly to your Terra via bluetooth.


About Range

Terra comes with bluetooth, wifi and MOTUS antennas built in - the external antennas are to boost range. We’d like to be able to give exact numbers about ranges with and without antennas, but it’s very dependent on where the Terra/sensors/wifi network are, and what physical barriers there are in the environment (trees, house walls, etc).

As a rule, the Terra is built to work out of the box with your wifi network if it’s placed in a yard, garden etc. The bluetooth should also work in an average size yard. The MOTUS antenna has a range of at least .5km, and probably much further with open sky.

That said, if your wifi network is weak, or if you are placing the Terra further away from the house, then the wifi antenna will help. Likewise, the bluetooth antenna allows you to place sensors further away, and also pick up bluetooth-tagged Monarch butterflies at greater distances. Finally, the MOTUS antenna will actually increase your range to that of a professional sensor station, approx 2-10km depending on placement.

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Terra yard sensors

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Terra will connect to optional sensors that track soil conditions, moisture levels, and weather around the home. Take control whether you’re home or not.

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